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Club Championship 2017

Below you will find the tables in the single club championship:

1st and 2nd ladies series ( 6 qualified players in each series)

1st and 2nd / 3rd series gentlemen ( 12 skilled players in the first series 24 2nd / 3rd series)

These qualifications follow on 2 competitions: the Valrhona 19/03 and the Romans Newccom 2/04/2017


Tables doubles championships and seniors

Well thank you meet deadlines displayed on the tables, quickly contact your opponent.

The tables also show the clubhouse

Table Match Play first ladies series 2017

tableau match play 2 th lady series 2017

Table Match Play 1st series gentlemen 2017

Table 2nd and 3rd set match play gentlemen 2016-1

Table definitive match play SENIORS 2017

Table definitive match play DOUBLE 2017

Explanation of beatings