Golf des Chanalets



Vincent Minodier

Tel : 06 08 70 14 61


Jean-Christophe Bertin

Tel : 06 89 31 54 20


Nathanaël Peyrent

Tel : 06 85 42 81 06

The teachers are independent of the Chanalets golf course.

For more information on courses and prices, please contact them.

Club Volunteer Sports Animators (A.S.B.C) are members of the Sports Association, FFGolf graduates who devote part of their golf time to young people. The A.S.B.C exercises its missions under the responsibility of the president of the club and under the educational authority of the professional sports educator (Pro).He participates in the administrative part, logistics and animation of the Golf School.

We 10 A.S.B.C du Golf des Chanalets have for mission :

  • to assist the pros during the lessons (warm-ups, safety of young people, animation of game sequences);
  • to follow the parties during the passing of flags, internal competitions and official competitions;
  • to supply and bring to life the tables of the Golf School in agreement with the Youth Commission.

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