2023, I love golf


2023, let's start the year with a little plagiarism, we follow the wishes of our federation


“I like:

The game

The sharing

The escape


And the challenge

I like golf

happy new year 2023″


Let's add to this beautiful list, one year 2023 imbued with multiple joys, tolerance and health.


The beginning of the year is often dedicated to good resolutions, for all those who would be inclined to become vegetarians, be a little patient, we should soon be offering wild boar terrines. Those who return to us from the areas of the course to the 2, 16 and 17.

A message has been sent to the skillful Obélix to manage these laborers as quickly as possible.

The presence of these active mammals does not exclude the golfer from raising their pitches and replacing their divots…


She is the guarantor of our future successful games with friends or even in competition. 2023

Have you ordered your license 2023?

Find the prices below this link


Upcoming events


Thursday 12 January

We receive a step from the competition

Senior Winter

Shot gun on all of 18 holes 9h30

This implies a closure of the course until 2:50 p.m.

Monday 30 January

Tamalou’s Golf Cup

Shot gun à 9h, 9 or 18 holes depending on weather conditions.

Scramble 3

During the meal, presentation of awards for all the competitions of the year 2022:

Attendance, best card, age category, galley cup…


Information from our partners


The team O Lac is happy to receive Victoria AVRIL and Lionnel ASTIER in the play

“funny kind”

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Info and reservations:04 75 71 97 10 or Website

Announce yourself a licensee of the Chanalets golf course.

Thanks to Mylène and David for offering us such beautiful shows in our campaign.

Have a good start to the year everyone.

We borrow from Voltaire a beautiful thought that should accompany us all year round 2023.

“Happiness is often the only thing we can give without having it and it is by giving it that we acquire it.”

Thanks to Luc for letting us know, he even added:

2023 to the “Happiness”


Have a great week everyone.