Licensees are rewarded

The license becomes the key to more space, thanks to her and the French Golf Federation, we can widen the circle to 30 km.

Within the department of Drôme, all license holders can join their sports clubs without kilometer limits.

A huge thank you to our Federation who worked for more freedom and to our leaders who knew how to listen.

Let us remain attentive to barrier gestures, individual discipline is the best guarantee of our future freedoms.


Message from the FFG:

“The actions carried out by the FFGolf, in common with other outdoor sports federations, with parliamentarians and our institutional contacts, convinced the Executive to change the travel restrictions that came into effect on Saturdays 3 last april.

It is henceforth possible to move up to 30 km from home (instead of 10, until then) to join the sports club in which you are licensed, AS member or Golf subscriber.
The Prefectures have received a note from the Ministry of Sports to this effect. *

It will be up to each golfer to bring proof of address, as well as proof of license subscription 2021.

Or, failing that, proof of an annual AS membership or an annual membership in a club affiliated with the federation.

This proof of license is available and printable, in the licensed area on the ffgolf.org site or on mobile, and on the FFGolf and Kady apps.

This renewed confidence in our structures must continue to be accompanied by strict compliance with the health protocol in force within the golf courses.

We can welcome this new breakthrough for the players and clubs whose FFGolf and professional groups work on a daily basis in the general interest of our sport which we all love..

Be assured of our support.

The FFGolf”

Have a nice weekend and a great week ahead

Golf staff