We could believe!


You might think that the winter season in golf courses is calmer! Those who think so, are wrong.


It was during this period that we built…

  • Tomorrow's performance:

Agathe SAUZON who is preparing her season ardently can tell you about it, land and many balls hit on the practice, on the compact and the course, are the best assets to perform in the spring.

Get closer to teachers, they are prolific in winter programs.

  • The worthy partner of your season with many works on the course:

Optimization of the irrigation system to irrigate better with less water.

Clearing the undergrowth to speed up the game to avoid endless searches for balls.

Upgrading of all the equipment park, sharpening of cutting elements…

  • A program of events with the club's historical partners and newcomers.

Golf the way we like it!

For some people, shared moments, a nice walk.

For others, a challenge with the adrenaline of individual or team competition.

  • The calendar is an alchemy to bring together the different ways of conceiving the game of golf by club members. From mid-February, you can note the first dates in your diaries.




Find the good plans of the shop by following this link.

Do not hesitate to come and get advice from the reception team and your teachers..



Upcoming events


Monday 30 January

Tamalou’s Golf Cup

Shotgun at 9:30 a.m., 9 holes

Scramble 3

During the meal, presentation of awards for all the competitions of the year 2022:

Attendance, best card, age category, galley cup…



Our partner O’Lac presents you on Tuesday 31 January : BERLIN BERLIN

East Berlin.
Emma and Ludwig want to run away and move West. Emma is hired as a caregiver at Werner Hofmann to take care of her senile old mother. She's not there
chance, this apartment has a secret passage that leads to the other side of the Wall. The situation is already complicated enough but if in addition Werner is a Stasi agent, that he falls madly in love with Emma, and that the apartment is a nest of spies, it turns into burlesque.
Berlin Berlin, the comedy that breaks down the walls.


Note that this week, a reduced rate applies to the show (hors carré or), i.e. a reduction of €10 per category.

Link to book



New exhibition at the Terrasses des Chanalets from Thursday 26 January

“Always passionate about photography, I make my first shots in 2015 during a convalescence that brings me another look at what surrounds me. I then have plenty of time to observe my environment., and the changing light inspires me.
The water, source d’inspiration.
It is along the canals of Valence that my photographic exploration on the theme of water and its reflections begins.. Water is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.. I try to translate through the photos the emotion that crosses me when nature is reflected in water.
Initiated in calligraphy in Tours, I perceive in the reflections of water imaginary writings, grooves, informal stripes, traces of color, fantasy drawings and other abstract paintings. I capture through the lens the graphic reflections that move on the water.
If photography is practiced in contemplative solitude, the encounter with the public during exhibitions gives meaning to my work.
I like to share with the public these moments of grace that generous nature offers me.. The viewer in turn leaves, free rein to his imagination.”
Anne Meyrand




  • Book your table for Valentine's Day dinner on Tuesday 14 February from 7:30 p.m., menu unique.


  • Remember to order your FFG license. Rates


Have a great week everyone.