Storms and hopes


Oh vile weather, they disrupted the beautiful mechanics of the most seasoned swings.

They crackled flashes forcing referees and players to retreat to shelters.

The first two days of this French championship 4th Thursday Mid-Amateur Division 22 at Sunday 25 june were heckled. Players who had played fair 3 holes in the day 1, were invited to play 33 holes the next day.

“The Drôme is my nature” knows how to welcome with a few surprises… Results on the site at the end of the weekend.


Sunday 18 June


The troublemakers of visual advertising dressed the course and brilliantly animated this day. A serious competition with many challenges, driving contest, double competition of approaches and hole in 1.

The smiles displayed by the players were not fake, from the start to the end of the day around a food truck with electronic sound. The SMART COVER team and their many partners have created a new concept… The festival competition.










To find the same happiness, meet at the festival

O Lake the 7/8/9 July

Info and reservations


Upcoming events


Sunday 2 July

La Cup 26 junior has been postponed for logistical reasons


Monday 3 July

Tamalou’s Golf Cup

The young generation of seniors likes to come together for their monthly challenge

18 Shot gun holes at 8:30 a.m.

9 holes departures from 9.50 a.m.


A break from competitions for a few weeks…

Possibility of organizing ranking competitions on request from 2 players. Participation in playing rights at AS 5€.


Have a great weekend and a great summer everyone.!

The reception staff