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At the beginning of the week 37, our cherubs find their way to golf school from Wednesday 14 and saturday 17 September mail EDG 2022-2023


Sunday 18 September

We celebrate nature. We are proud to be a beautiful nature reserve where you can play golf, bronze label for biodiversity.

In this approach Georges Lebrat, The Counter of the’ real estate and Gerard Santraille, Kelvelo.com propose: a shamble to 4 Shotgun at 10:30 a.m..

4 electric bikes will be up for grabs on 4 by 3 of the course, hole in 1 on the 2 . 4 . 12 and 17.

Reception at the break of 10 throughout the competition organized by Georges Lebrat and award ceremony and cocktail at 4.30 p.m..



Results of 25 years of AS


The formula on 23 holes and the moments of exchanges satisfied all the participants, they thanked the instigators of this success as well as the partners present:


-Mother Maury's ravioli

-BMW Fourel GRIM Group

-JULIEN's Wines

-BRUNO's Bakehouse

-CHATO Bistro

-Camille optical


Series 1:

Guillermet Jean-Louis

Guillermet Caroline -3


Guezennec Valerie

Viennese Thierry -2


Series 2:

Maneveau Dominica

Gantheil Adrien -6


Cousin Catherine

Cousin Alain -2


Serie 3:

Attic Cedric

Attic Emile 0


Aunet Yohan

Aunet Leonard 0






A few words to remind you that the Golfs have been working for almost 2 decades of limiting water withdrawals as well as the significant reduction in the use of phytosanitary products.

Be proud to be Golfers, you contribute to be a bulwark against the extension of cities, you play in a beautiful reserve where multiple species of flora and fauna can grow in peace.

Simplified report program for Biodiversity


See you Sunday for the competition of 3G: Georges, GErard and Gchaff un des 4 electric bikes.

Have a great week everyone.