A beautiful fellowship


The Chanalets Grand Prix 4 and 5 mars gathered nearly 100 players, about fifteen active volunteers, 2 referees and the golf team. All agreed to live a great experience of a competition in the middle of winter.

Mornings punctuated by bites of freshness, a course prepared all year round by a team at its bedside, however, it lacked some rain and heat to wake up fully.

Don't forget the players, for the majority in lack of course, winter training is not always sufficient to perform from the first outings. They discovered one of the characteristics of the Rhone Valley, a clear sky thanks to the presence of the North wind, he played his best role, the party spoiler.

Eva JOZAN, Hcp 2.3 you golf you Val de Sorne, flew over the Ladies ranking with a total of 161, that is 10 steps ahead of Poe MARTIN, Hcp 4.1 from the same club, with a total of 171.

The last step of the podium is for a Swiss player, Melissa GuilloWITH, Hcp 1.6, thanks to his card 2th ride with 11 strokes less than the day before.


Among the gentlemen, the first place was disputed, two players having at the end of the two rounds exactly the same scores!

Florentine POCHON, Hcp 0.2 the Golf des Volcans and Jules DE BRAUWERE, Hcp +1.2 du Paris Country club, 77 and 77 for both players. A play-off on hole n°16 decided between the 2 belligerents. Florentine POORN was the finest tactician to get on the 1time marche. Third place was won by Paolo FAZONNE thanks to a better 2th tour, Hcp +0.4 of the Rochat golf course with a total of 157 (80 and 77). He shared the same score with Ricardo MANSTRAGELO, Hcp 3 golf at Maison Blanche with 157 (78 and 79).

Congratulation to Yoan AUNET Chanalets, who returns to the top 10 with a 8th place thanks to a beautiful map of 77 the 2th jour.


Thanks again to all the players for their sportsmanship and humility, to volunteers and referees Ghislaine and Patrice, for their attentiveness and their resistance to the cold and to the Chanalets team.

This beautiful harmony warmed the audience,

the smiles during this weekend attested to this.

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