A page turns


In the Chanalets history book, the writing of a new chapter begins.

Throughout these pages, you will find a beautiful continuity with all the essential ingredients for a healthy reading, suspense (did you see my ball...), relaxation, emotion...

You will keep your favorite heroes in the different positions they held in previous chapters, with of course, novelties to arouse curiosity.


Fanny and Pascal reached out to a new manager. Gaïa will write with the team in place and all of you, a new future at the Chanalets golf course. be reassured, they will assist the team to keep the club's image of "The country house where you don't have to mow the lawn".

Arrangements will be made so that our club addresses the challenges of ecological transition in good conditions.:

  • Better water management
  • Flora Conversion
  • Improved substrates


A golf course, it is a natural park that we share with many species, Flora and fauna. Golfers are invited, they are nevertheless the guarantors of the preservation of this natural space.

In reading this new chapter, Fanny and Pascal will be gradually integrated into the family of players with all of you..

They will accompany the new organization for a time for a successful transition.

We invite you to warmly welcome them to your future golf games..

Fanny, Pascal , Gaia

Places :


Les golfs GAIA (free access to members carrying the GOLD card in other Gaia golf courses)






Some golf gossip :


The great adventure experienced by motivated young people from the golf school :

They have been preparing for it all season to fully experience their first National competition..

Tuesday French U16 Promotion Championship 11 to Thursday 13 July.

This great success is the result of the involvement of the ASBCs (Club Volunteer Sports Animators) and a bold budget allocated by the AS to the golf school to nurture future hopes in our club.

Kudos to the teachers, particularly to Jean-Christophe BERTIN who, pendant 3 days, wet the jersey while walking the route of the Cabre d'Or. He was helped by the presidential couple, Serge and Danielle BERTINET. A 10th promising place with as a bonus, on the way back, stars in the eyes and smiles of our young people. Strongly editing 2024.

More info on AS website embellished with beautiful photos and videos.


Your holiday and back-to-school agenda


The summer staple


3 beautiful days:

  • Friday 25 August at Golf de la Valdaine
  • Saturday 26 August at the Golf de Valence Saint-Didier
  • Sunday 27 August at the Golf des Chanalets

A journey rewarded by the famous Paella of the Garcia family

Registrations limited to 130 players!





Reminders :


  • Ranking competitions organized every Sunday in August and possible on request


  • Sunday 3 September

Golf in heart, to shamble 4 in Shotgun at 8:30 a.m..

Charity competition in partnership with the Rotary Club for the ARSLA Association for the benefit of research against Charcot's disease.


  • Monday 4 September

Tamalou's Golf Cup


  • Sunday 10 September

A number of registrants are not up to date


  • Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September

Classic Mid-Amateurs and Grand Prix Seniors


  • Sunday 24 September

Lisa Cup in collaboration with the Lions Club.

Regional final


  • Sunday 1is October

La Cup 26 Juniors



GAIA, our planet earth, would have developed via its ecosphere a capacity for homeostasis. That is to say, a self-regulating system made up of all living beings (biomass) and non-living constituents making up the total mass of the Earth, and probably also the external solar radiation (Albedo). The planet would have internal mechanisms that can cause it to be considered a living being, in accordance with the cybernetic paradigm.

This one is named by convention "Gaïa" by allusion to the Greek mother goddess..

A new adventure, a new chapter.


“Reading is the only way to live many times over”, Pierre DUMAYET


Nice summer,

Nice vacation.