Sunday 3 July

Thanks Fred, the initiator of the Volvo trophy for offering us this enchanted interlude, this piece in 5 acts delighted and entertained us all this beautiful day.

the 1st act around the welcome coffee

2ith act the 9 first holes

3th act a gourmet break with Estelle to taste Jeff de Bruges ice cream

4ith act the last holes

and for the 5th act a profusion of exchanges around a lunch cocktail.

During the award ceremony, there was a round of applause for the directors of this beautiful play, Fred Zamith and Jean Claude Lextraction helped by the intermittents du spectacle de la team des Chanalets.

In this general atmosphere the results seemed almost anecdotal, nonetheless welcome, the victors who shone:







1is Brut: DION Quentin

BERTINET Serge 45 points




1is Net: AUNET Yoan

MADFAI Omar 85 points












Of 13 at 16 July

We host a national competition, French U16 Championship (children of 14 to 16 years) 3th Division, 16 teams will compete to hope to integrate the second division, the 48 best teams in the category.

This competition, will generate many genes for all members.

Recognition course from 12 July followed by 4 competition days.

Time slots will be released, we will know about it only at the end of the week, between the 10 and the 11 July.

We thank you, for your understanding. You can enjoy the spectacle of its young people with untied swings.

We are looking for volunteers to help organize.

You can leave your details at the reception or by SMS to Jacky Grenier at 06 82 11 03 52


Have a nice week and a good start to summer .

The Chanalets team.