The Chanalets teams are familiar with the podiums

The month of June was conducive to the exploits of our teams.

They shined and they make us proud.

Thank you for “Wet the shirt”

The Mid Amateur men's team flew over the French 3rd Division championship event.

They will join in 2023 the national second division, they will be in the 48 best teams of French golf courses, MidAm category, old players over 25 years!!!

Congratulations to 2 co-captains Grégoire Durand and Quentin Dion, let's not forget their legions, Edouard Chival, Yoan Aunet, Yan Lebrat, Cedric Grenier, Charles Maurin.





This last weekend

Le samedi 25 June 5 teams competed, of course with sportsmanship on our course.

Valence Saint-Didier, Albon, Drome Provencal, Bourget and the Chanalets.

2 clubs had not formed a team for this Golf Drome Ardèche trophy, we regretted them, hope they will join us in 2023, this festive event which allows all levels of golf to gauge themselves from the pros to the children of golf schools (seniors, dames, gentlemen).

Little suspense at the time of the results a few unfortunate points separated the candidates for the podium.

1is Chanalets 96 points

21st Valence Saint Didier 95 points

3Albon 92 points



Sunday 26 June




Sports and party


2 teams associated for an effervescent competition, a nice spotlight on 2 innovative companies.

For the 2nd edition they have reinforced an image, animation and festive, a prize giving with a DJ.

A mix of good ideas, look forward to the third edition.

thanks to SMARTCOVER with a boosted Mickael Leleu and STARTEO, Michael Despesse and Vincent Genillion.

They officially announced their engagement, they open a common company SMARTEO from July 1st in Montélimar.






Results: https://www.golf-chanalets.fr/base/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/RESULTATS-TROPHEE-SMARTCOVER.pdf


Drive contest:

Women: Helene Sillam 190m

Gentlemen: Quentin Dion 288m

Mixed approach: Estelle Mathieu 2m

The 2 pros Vincent and Jean-Christophe participated they played 33 raw be 3 over par.

Let's end this first semester in style






Sunday 3 July




Mr. Fred ZAMITH with his sidekick Jean Claude LEXTRAIT will work to close this first part of the season on a holiday tune,

you golf, ice cream at break, cocktail prime rib and beautiful cars to reach the RN7 and the beaches to come.

Places are limited

registration at reception









Monday 4 July

The famous senior competition Tamalous Golf Cup in shot gun at 8:30 am.




The Chanalets team wishes you a great summer.