Damn weather sites!


What real risks do players have in planning a day at golf when the weather forecast announces a deluge? ? The experience over a large number of weekends proves the pessimists wrong.

This Sunday 20 June, for the BMW Golf Cup France 2021, the optimists were there, they were pampered by Team BMW. In the morning under a cheeky sun, in the early afternoon, the declining star has allowed a few wet grains to enter the perimeter of the game. The last two teams exposed to these disruptive elements were not discouraged despite the forced halts, they were nevertheless able to finish before the awards ceremony.

thanks to Benoit FOUREL and his team, the vehicles on display and the model used for the “hole in 1” fueled great discussions at the 19th hole. After the sumptuous awards ceremony, there will be only one regret for this day, the withdrawal of the pessimists under the influence and the yoke of the dictates of the weather sites. Free yourself, the only risk in registering is having a great day !



Cyril PAILHARET net winner, qualified for the national final.






Monday 14 June :


Houra, the Tamale's intrepid were finally able to start the season in an unchanging format, 18 shot-gun holes, a break on the course and a shared meal while waiting for the results, to see next this link.



A word from the golf school


Congratulations to the two golf school teams who brilliantly represented the colors of the Chanalets golf course in the new event offered by the AURA league. A huge thank you to Helene SILLAM, Bernard GROS and Georges OHANESSIAN, in ASBC, who coached our young people during this competition.

A new gaming experience, dynamic, fun and as a team, with simple rules : “Speed golf” by team of 4, played in relay, where the objective is not to return the ball with a minimum of strokes, but in a minimum of time.


During the stage organized in Valence Saint Didier on Saturday 12 June, our two teams with predisposed names, the “Rockets”, Sacha PEAR, Manu JOUVET, Léo DAUVIER and Antonin LLINARES, and the “Fast and furious”, Gabriel RIOT, Gaston DURAND, Loan EYMERY and Arthur LOISEL-HERNU, classified themselves tied for 2nd place !


Our young people will therefore have the privilege of accompanying the winning team of the Bournet golf course to the national final this Sunday 27 June at the Forez golf course.


A big thank you to all the parents and children of the golf school for taking part in our operation “I invite a poto.

A great opportunity to introduce friends to golf.


News from the team 1 Gentlemen :

3rd Division National Championship

Congratulations to Edouard CHIVAL, Charles MAURIN, Quentin DION, Gregoire DURAND, Yoan AUNET, Jérémie MARI and Cédric TORTEL, after four days of competition on the Charmeil golf course, they unfortunately fail on the last step against a great team from the Valescure golf course for the rise in 2nd Division.

They are not unworthy and keep their place in 3rd Division.


This Saturday 26 June, It is the turn of the women's team to defend the club's colors for the Lady Cup at Charmeil golf course against the Ladies of Esery golf club.



Upcoming events :


Sunday 27 June :

VOLVO Trophy

Fred ZAMITH associated with the Green Team suitable for players to discover the nice surprises on the breaks of the course and at the Lebanese-Armenian lunch cocktail.

In Shamble at 4, Stableford, handicaps will be reduced to 36.

Shot-gun à 8h30, meet at 7:30 am for the welcome coffee.








Sunday 4 July :

The Kiwanis Valence is organizing the

Green of hope

Play to beat cystic fibrosis, a Scramble to 2 Stableford.





Monday 12, Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 July :

Pro-Am of the valley of gastronomy Montélimar Valence


Nice weather and week everyone